The engine is what keeps your automobile ticking. It’s what propels it forward and keeps you moving to your destination. Regardless of what type of engine your vehicle has, its health is instrumental in keeping the vehicle operational.

Broadview Park Engine Repair 

What Are Signs That My Car Needs Engine Repair?

Your car may exhibit several apparent signs that your engine is in dire straits. Modern vehicles come with a variety of warning signals, including a check engine light to signify something under the hood needs addressing. If your car begins to make unusual noises from the hood or emits colored smoke from the exhaust, it can signify issues with the engine’s combustion chamber.

 If your vehicle sees a notable decline in performance, such as irregular fuel economy, struggling to shift gear or reach higher speeds, or rough sounds or shaking when idling, you likely have issues with the transmission, fuel filter, or other engine parts.

Engine Diagnostics

We recommend contacting us regarding your engine issues before bringing your vehicle in. If it’s an engine issue we can service in, we’ll handle it on site. Otherwise, we can work with you to offer services for more specific problems.

 At Tropical Performance, we can handle a variety of engine repair-related services such as belt or hose failure, power steering issues, automatic and standard transmission repair, head gaskets, spark plug replacement, and more.

 Our expert mechanics and technicians will complete an engine diagnostic by using computer software to identify the source of the engine-related issues. Catching engine-related problems early allows us to complete basic repairs or perform typical necessary maintenance to keep the engine healthy and functioning long-term.

Common Engine Failure Causes

A cooling system failure is the most common cause of engine failures. It can also be caused by a lack of clean oil to keep the parts moving smoothly, creating unneeded friction, which, again, leads to heat. Common engine part failures are a broken water pump, clogged heat core, broken thermostat, low oil levels, or failed head gasket.

Rebuild or Replace?

In most cases, rebuilding the engine can be the most beneficial long-term option. Replacing an engine entirely can create problems as it can have connection issues with the vehicle. Restoring the old engine allows the car to keep the original engine that the vehicle was manufactured to use.

In many cases, however, a rebuild isn’t feasible or economically viable. If your engine has a hole, or if the cost of the rebuild is just as much as a new engine, you may want to invest in a new engine that comes with all new parts.

Tropical Performance in Broadview Park

Our trained technicians at Tropical Performance can identify all manner of engine failure issues that could benefit from engine repair. We can assist with numerous engine issues such as transmissions, head gaskets, oil replacements, and more. Click here to check testimonials regarding our work. We have over 15 years’ experience serving South Florida communities. Contact us today at (954)-866-7490 to get help with all of your engine repair needs.

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