As you’re driving through your neighborhood, you may notice the performance in your car just isn’t what it used to be. Your car may be a little older and may not function as well, but with quick trips to your local mechanic, you can get back on the road with what feels like a brand-new car.

Oil Change in Weston

Why Do I Need to Get an Oil Change?

Regular oil changes are significant to the life of your engine. The right and high-quality oil helps keep your vehicle’s engine clean and dust-free, reduces overall wear and enhances its performance. The performance of your engine can be impacted if you don’t change the motor oil regularly. Issues including loss of overall engine performance decreased gas mileage, and additional wear and tore on your engine which can reduce the life of your vehicle.

Types of Oil

· Conventional – If you drive under normal, typical driving conditions, then you will definitely benefit from conventional oil for your vehicle.

· High Mileage –

· Synthetic Blend – As a mix between conventional and conventional oil, this blend is highly recommended for vans, heavy-load cars, and

· Full Synthetic – This is the highest grade of oil that can be used, and it normally is what can be found inside high-performance sport vehicles.

With so many advancements being made with cars, there may be variabilities with your oil change experiences.

Tropical Performance

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