Auto Body Painting and Tire Service is Not Just an Accessory; It’s a Necessity in Pembroke Park

The first line of defense when deciding on a car is the color you’re going to select. Maybe you’ll choose black because it’s sleek and you can’t go wrong. Perhaps silver, metallic gray or white is the path to choose because they are not as heavy on the eyes. Or if you’re feeling wild, red, yellow, or blue may attract you immediately. Whatever the case may be, a variety of colors is offered by each car manufacturer to cater to your liking. You don’t need to compromise on the color you want in fear of having more repairs than the alternative.

Pembroke Park Auto Paint and Dent Repair

pembroke auto repairUnfortunately, when you went to Publix, a young boy exiting his mom’s van swung his car door right into your brand-new SUV. Naturally, you’re devastated because you love your car, but Tropical Performance can and will come to your rescue. With services like Paint Repair, Dent and Scratch Repair, Dent Removal, Fender and Bumper Repair as staples in our business, you’re more than covered. No task is too big or small for us, we value each call that comes into our Pembroke Park shop, and we follow through with exceptional customer service from one of our several experienced technicians.
Stubborn Scratches and Fender Benders
For the most part, you can venture off into an auto repair store and attempt to mask the scratch yourself. With a few layers of clear coat, you may be able to fix this yourself. If you can make a quick phone call to a trained professional, wouldn’t that help you out just the same? Maybe even better than a Do-It-Yourself project.

Don’t let a small dent in your fender bend you out of shape. Take advantage of our options, and you’ll receive A+ work that is more than worth the cost.

All Your Tires Need is Love
Along with the occasional flat tire that you will inevitably encounter, Tropical Performance also provides car services that you can, of course, receive from your dealership but with us; you don’t have the hassle. If you venture on over to us, you can expect us to mount, balance, rotate and inspect new tires for your automobile. As a bonus, we use a modern computerized wheel alignment system to get you on the right track at our Pembroke Park location. Tropical Performance is knowledgeable, reputable, and experienced in multiple automotive platforms. Allow us to get under the hood and give guaranteed satisfaction.
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