Do you need Car Repair in Plantation?

Plantation MechanicLittle signs of transmission trouble can become a severe issue. A small leak of transmission fluid here, or slipping of the gears there are not your run of the mill regularly scheduled maintenance problems. Problems with your transmission can create larger problems for your car, since it helps supply parts with power. When it comes to transmission repairs, however, many people feel overwhelmed. With AMS jet auto you are hiring some of the most competent mechanics in Plantation. If you are looking for Plantation Auto Repair, look no farther than us!

Transmission Repair

Transmission repair is what we are best known for, we work tirelessly to provide some of the best and fast transmission repair in Plantation. Call us today if you are having car problems.

Oil Changes

Every car will need an oil change at some point, stay ahead of the curve by getting your oil changed with us. We will constantly work to put your work ahead of the curve.
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General Mechanic Work

If you need a mechanic in general for any problem your car may be having, give us a call! We are open several hours every day and always work as fast as we can to get the job done. Ensuring you are happy and satisfied!

Tropical Performance

Car Repair in Plantation We are a professional automotive repair services shop right here in Davie, FL. We have been serving customers in the Davie area for over 15 years. Our ASE certified technicians have over 28 years of experience, using computer diagnostic software to diagnose and repair your car, truck, SUV or high performance vehicle properly. We perform all your mechanical needs from A/C, tune ups, Cooling System to wheel alignments, provide complete new tire packages, tire repairs.