Rebuilding and Repairing Entire Automatic and Standard Transmission Services

Auto Transmission Service & Repair

Diagnostic shifting problems:

  • Lack of Response/Delay – When you’re shifting your vehicle into gear, your car should have an immediate response. If it’s having a late reaction and no instant response time when you move, the transmission could be the one to blame.
  • Grinding/Shaking – That annoying grinding noise you hear is most commonly found within cars that have a manual transmission and the shaking in automatic. The shaking, of course, worsens over time and the grinding could be from the gears rubbing against each other resulting in the clutch or synchronizers to be out of sorts, ultimately resulting in a complete replacement.
  • Burning Smell – First and foremost, if you have any kind of burning smell in your car, you should immediately be concerned about what’s going on with your vehicle. One of the reasons that this could be happening may be from your transmission overheating. Without the proper fluid replacement, your vehicle’s parts won’t stay lubricated and cooled. Overheating without the appropriate care could result in a time-consuming and costly repair.
  • Check Engine Light – One of the benefits of your check engine light illuminating is the early indication it gives to car owners about the transmission. Although it could be turning on for some reasons, it’s best to take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic shop to ensure the proper inspection and service is done.
  • Clutch Kit Replacement – The necessary components in a clutch kit comprise the clutch disc itself, the cable, links, pressure plate, etc. Issues with the clutch disc or its related parts may be causing many symptoms including poor functionality, annoying noises, or a vibrating, chattering, or pulsating pedal. Your car may not have the capability to shift into gear, your clutch may make noise, or it could spaz out on you. We’ve seen it all, so go ahead and bring it in for one of our mechanics to take a look.

Tropical Performance
Nevertheless, whatever happens with your transmission is covered for you by Tropical Performance. We strive to give our clients the best possible experience every time they call our shop for service. Set yourself up for success by taking your car in for routine maintenance. It’s one of the best ways to avoid paying for expensive damages done to your vehicle. Taking care of your transmission will set your car up for success for years to come, so let us help you out so you can get back out on the road.