Belts and Hoses Repair

Belt or hose failure can cause the engine to overheat, lose power steering, and lose an electrical charging system. Overheating can occur anytime but usually, happens in the summer. Underhood temperatures are much higher, and the heat can trigger or accelerate deterioration. A hose can leak coolant or the belt turning the water pump can snap, which makes the cooling system inoperable. If the engine overheats, it can suffer severe internal damage. We replace all types of timing belts.


  • V-belt and Serpentine
    The purpose of these belts is to power various parts within your vehicle like the alternator, water pump, power steering, and cooling fans. If you experience issues, but the belt itself is not the issue, keep an eye on the tensioner in case it needs replacement.
  • Timing Belt
    The sole purpose of this belt is to keep the camshaft and the crankshaft in synchronization at all times. Without the proper care, it will begin to make a high-pitched noise when the engine starts, or will have worn down teeth, cracks, and wear.

belt and hoses auto repairIf the belt degrades or snaps, vehicle owners could be looking at a breakdown and quite a costly repair following that event. To keep the straps from experiencing substantial damage, it would be in the vehicle’s best interest to replace the belts with each scheduled maintenance. Listen for a squealing noise that could be an indication of failure, and look for cracks or splits that signal damage and wear.

Purposes for Various Hoses:

  • Top Radiator Hose – Responsible for carrying engine coolant to the radiator to reduce the temperature.
  • Bottom Radiator Hose – Returns the reduced coolant fluid to the water pump and then throughout the engine.
  • Bypass – Transports cold fluid from the water pump, surpassing the thermostat for a faster engine warm-up to help maintain a consistent temperature in the engine.
  • Heater – Responsible for circulating hot coolant through and through the passenger compartment heating system.

Tropical Performance
If you are unsure about any of the belts and hoses working within your car, Tropical Performance can handle the job. With our years of experience and training, there isn’t a job too small or too big that we haven’t seen. Contact us today at (954) 866-7490 for any more questions or concerns about your vehicle.